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Goliath Protective Services, LLC. is an elite team of professional security experts with over 25 years experience in Law Enforcement with various protective services from Civilian encounters, Dignitary & U.S.A. Presidential Security to Private Contracts, Court, Legal, Homeland Security, Immigration's, FEMA and Correctional Security backgrounds or training. Goliath employee's have been trained and deployed into the highest profile Law Enforcement/Security details with all their previous experience contributed to a safer more efficient line of security. We hire and train the best Florida State Security Licensed Officers with previous experience in Law Enforcement, Military or Security Specialty backgrounds.

With A Great Deal Of Training, Experience And Tenacity, We Take Action And Change Things For The Positive...

We have the everyday ability to ensure safety of property asset and personal protection. Highly skilled International Industry Management making efficient routing and scheduling. The ability to offer "one on one"personal customer services in a regional area OF CENTRAL, SOUTH, EAST & WEST FLORIDA....

Management expertise in Class "A" residential and HOA governed properties.

Our experience speaks for itself from customer relations to the trained eye and attention to detail.

"we are not just reporters-we are also responders"

Sense of Security:

The presence of a security guard at a business can provide peace of mind and a sense of security to the business owner, employees and customers. 


Simply having a security guard present is a great deterrent to crime. Thieves will think twice about targeting a business that has uniformed protection. Professional guards are trained to look for suspicious activity on the spot. They can assess a situation and react to security breaches. A guard is a greater visual deterrent than just camera surveillance or a standard security system. It sends a message to potential criminals that you are serious about the security of your business.

Customer Service:

A guard may man a front desk or act as a sentry to control access to an area, Help direct people to find products and get to the right location in a business. Guard can also be available as escorts for customers and employees to get to their cars after dark or a cash courier for daily/nightly business deposit or financial needs. 

Handling Crime:

Hiring a trained and licensed guard from a reputable company can ensure that the guard behaves capably and sensibly when faced with criminal activity on business premises. Goliath Officer's respond to Calls for service reducing the overall authority response and intervention of crime statics.


Monitor video surveillance, check credentials, check for contraband or restrict access to an area, we do it all. These monitoring duties take a lot of security responsibility off the shoulders of the business owner and employees, and allows them to focus on their jobs.

"Sustainable Thinking is the only way to create lasting improvement in prolonged safety & peace of mind".


We will beat any of our competitors contract price up to 20% of current contract for new clients!

If cost is a concern we will customize a program that best fits your needs based on the risk and services requested.




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